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Dr. Nabil Khadr


Dr. Nabil Khadr has practiced in Dubai for 30 years in Cardiology at Khadr Cardiology Clinic, is a Specialist Cardiologist with UK Board, holding Ph.D in Cardiology Manchester University, UK. Formerly at the Khadr Cardiology Clinic, Dr Nabil Khadr is currently practicing Cardiology at Medicure Polyclinic.

In addition to clinical practice Dr Nabil Khadr completed Clinical teaching of undergraduates at Cairo and Manchester universities, teaching undergrads and postgrads with the supervision of MSc and MD work at Al Azhar University and King Faisal University Dammam. Dr Nabil Khadr has been using various treatment modalities such as  Right and left heart catheterization, selective coronary arteriography by Sones and Judkin’s techniques, Implantation of permanent pacemakers, Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty and stent deployment, Performance and interpretation of echocardiograms, exercise ECGs, Holter monitors and 24 hour BP monitor.


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